Support Coordination

Supporting you is our priority

Support Coordination assists you to better understand your NDIS plan, utilise the support provided in your plan, and connect you with services to help you achieve your NDIS goals.

Your disability support needs will inform whether you receive support coordination in your plan, as well as what level of support coordination you receive.

 There are three levels of support coordination:

  • Level 1: Support Connection
    A low level support to build your capacity to connect with services to achieve your goals.
  • Level 2: Coordination of Supports
    A medium level of support to build your capacity to understand your NDIS plan, help you connect with services, and enable your independence and participation in your community.
  • Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination
    A high level of support for complex situations that requires experience and expertise to overcome systemic challenges and barriers, improve collaboration with services, and ensure consistent service delivery.
If you have Support Coordination funded in your NDIS plan and would like to discuss whether our services might be right for you, please contact us.
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